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Foam Hand Throw Airplane Outdoor Launch Glider Plane Kids Gift Toy

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2019 DIY Kids Toys Hand Throw Flying Glider Planes Foam Aeroplane Model Party Bag Fillers Fly

Hand throwing aircraft glider features:
1. High security: The plane is very light, it will not feel any hurt when it is hit, and it is environmentally friendly, tasteless and non-toxic.

2. Develop intelligence: Understand the principles of aircraft flight, knowledge of wind direction and aerodynamic basis.

3. Exercise: The body can be fully exercised in the process of throwing and picking up the aircraft to achieve the goal of exercise. It is also possible for two people to play the throwing game together.

4. Fly far: Because it’s lighter, so farther! The empty place can fly 30-50M.

5. Easy to get started: no instructions required, no difficulty, only three steps to assemble, you can fly with your hand to throw, it is not difficult to fly.

6. Parent-child interaction: As the diversity of toys develops, parents begin to pay more and more attention to the support of toys for children’s growth and parents’ participation. We throws planes to create and fill in the gaps of domestic interactive parent-child toys. . Hand throwing planes can not only cultivate skills, foster creativity and imagination, but also be the best communication tools for children and more children and adults. Adults and children play, play, and fly to each other to increase parent-child interaction and family fun.

Feature : Light weight/Easy to take/Excellent Anti-eismic performance/Exercise blance ability

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Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 35 × 20 × 10 cm
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Red, Blue, Orange

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