UNO R3 Development Board ATmega328P CH340 CH340G For Arduino UNO R3 With Straight Pin Header

$9.00 $7.00

Upgraded UNO R3, 100% Compatible to Arduino, works with the software at
Completely solves the traditional incompatible and instability of the UNO R3 to Win7 and Win8 system
Easy to use, with pins socket for inserting DuPont wire.
Support both 3.3V & 5V Power Supply and can meet different IO expansion requirements, including temperature humidity sensor, Xbee module, BT Bluetooth module, RF module, GPRS module, GPS module, LCD shield and so on

This version is optimized in the original version , mainly for foreign customers on product quality and function under demanding conditions designed to ensure both consistent and compatible with the original , but also easy to use.

1 Advantages: a completely solve the traditional UNO board is not compatible with win7 and win8 system instability above .

2 increased pin socket , to facilitate the use of DuPont line .

3 replaces the 16u2, so the cost is reduced by half, consumers get the maximum benefit

CH340 driver

Window/Mac :

UNO Only : Arduino CH340*1pieces
UNO Cable:Arduino CH340 *1 USB Cable*1
With AcrylicBox:Arduino CH340 *1 USB Cable*1 AcrylicBox

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