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Operating voltage: 3V to 6V DC (recommended operating voltage of about 6 to 8V)
Maximum torque: 800gf cm min (when it is 3V)
No-load speed: 1:48 (when it is 3V)
Load current: 70mA (250mA MAX) (when it is 3V)
This motor with EMC, anti-interference ability. SCM is a non-interference.
EMC contrast with the general Canadian EMC\’s current is too large, the impact of robot operation, the MCU does not often work.
Reduction ratio: 1:48
Torque: 0.8 KG/CM
Working voltage: 3-6v.

Center hole: 5.3MM x 3.66MM
Diameter: 66MM
Width: 2.66MM