3W*2 Mini Digital Power Audio Amplifier Board DIY Stereo USB DC 5V Power Supply PAM8403 for Arduino


Power supply: direct current (DC) : 3.6V-5.5V
Output power: 3W+ 3W (4 o)
Signal to noise ratio: 90dB
Efficiency: > 90%
Size: 15.5 * 24mm positioning hole size: spacing of 20 mm diameter: 2 mm
1: power supply is the cathode can’t meet the, power supply voltage cannot be more than 5.5 V, the two violation will cause damage of the IC.
2: with high gain buffer, not any component parameter changes on a board, does not conform to the parameters will lead to damage of the IC.
3: please try to input line with shielding line, can play a role of anti-interference, eliminate noise currents.
4: the cmos tube BTL output, around the horn of the cathode can’t meet together, namely pick horn line 4 is completely independent, are not allowed to pick up!

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